Hello there! This is the contact page. Feel free to contact me for commission information, questions, or if you have any feedback. 

Commissions are open on my Etsy Page.

We super appreciate any interest in our work but here are some questions we are commonly asked:

Question: If I commission a drawing from you am I allowed to use it as my banner, icon, mascot, or promotional image?

Answer: YES! We love any and all promotion and look forward to making an illustration or comic that fits your vision. We do ask that if you are planning on using our art for merchandise that you stipulate that beforehand.

Question: Can I order a Print of your work that is not available in your Etsy store?

Answer: We might be able to work something out. Send me an email or ask a question on my Etsy.

Question: I’ve seen your work posted on Redbubble, Design by Humans, Threadless, or other websites, is this you?

Answer: I do have some limited items available on Redbubble and Design by Humans and I appreciate all orders! I do recommend that if you’re interested in purchasing stickers from me that you check my Etsy page first. I get my stickers made professionally and they are amazing quality.

Please feel free to reach out to me about anything! Just no ads. Please.